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Starting on January 1, 2020

As the clean beauty market has grown and the hemp beauty market emerged we are excited to announce two separate companies focused on meeting growing customers' demands for innovative clean skincare and CBD body care solutions with C2 Clean Beauty led by Dr. Clarissa and CBx Natural led by Dr. Christine.

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C2 Skincare Products

C2 Clean Beauty will continue to have the current C2 skincare products that you love and will be continuing to formulate innovative products. Stay tuned for some new additions and changes.  

CBD Body Care Solutions

Unlock the power of cutting-edge CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC cannabinoids with clinically effective, pleasant, clean body care solutions you trust, and your customers love.  Contact us about our unique CBD wellness solutions for growing your business today.

The C2 Story

We both have personal stories that helped drive our passion to find a good skincare solution. Christine’s son was sadly touched by cancer and passed away at an early age. Clarissa has a childhood skin condition called ichthyosis (fish scale skin) in which dermatologists only had a recommendation of Crisco lard. One day during a hike, we started talking about our skincare choices and what was out there. Due to our own personal experiences, we had already peeked inside other brands and saw the dark side of the ingredients in many products. On that hiking day, we decided that we could do something better — something clean.  That's when we pioneered clean beauty with C2 California Clean.

Thank you so much for your interest in C2 Clean Beauty & CBx Natural. 


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or contact us at:

Dr. Clarissa Shetler

Dr. Christine Falsetti

C2 Clean Beauty  408-399-3991


CBX Natural 650-200-0461

C2 Skincare Products

CBD Body Care Solutions

Thank you