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Need-to-Know Holiday Beauty Hacks

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DIY Lip Scrub
Your poor lips have to spend all fall and winter dealing with dry air and cold winds-not exactly the best prep for those mistletoe moments. Lucky for you, there are tons of yummy DIY lip scrubs out there that are possible to make with whatever you’ve got in the kitchen. My go-to is a simple mix of granulated sugar and olive oil that I rub in small circles over my lips, then wipe off with a damp wash cloth. A more festive favorite includes coconut oil, honey, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Always remember to follow up this exfoliating routine with a lip balm so that they remain totally hydrated and smoochable!

Lasting Curled Lashes
Turn your blow dryer on hot and hold your eye lash curler in front of it for 30 seconds or so, give it time to cool, then proceed to curl your lashes as usual. The heat of the metal will shape the lashes much more effectively and help them to hold their curl for longer. Just be sure that the rubber pads are squeaky clean, otherwise left over mascara could pull out your precious lashes-ouch! When trying to coat those sneaky bottom lashes without leaving annoying mascara specks, I often hold a spoon sideways underneath my eye with the bottom side facing out to salvage the rest of my makeup I worked long and hard on.

Flawlessly Filled Lips
The appearance of matte lipstick in the makeup scene was a game changer, and it looks like the trend is not going cycle out any time soon. On the down side, the most common complaint is its side effect of dehydrated, flaky feeling lips. Nip this in the bud by applying a thin layer of lip balm underneath your lipstick and go to bed the night before sporting your favorite lip conditioning treatment. In order to prevent the color from bleeding and to make your lips really pop, line the skin around your lips with a light concealer or foundation and blend out.

Airbrushed Foundation Coverage
Ever since the beauty blender hit the market, it’s been considered a necessary addition to any makeup stash…but are you really getting the most out of your little sponge? Next time you’re prepping your face for a holiday party or dinner out, add a few drops of a face oil to your beauty blender, dab it in your makeup and apply your foundation. This trick also works amazingly when trying to naturally blend out your contour! Keep in mind: dab, don’t rub. Whether you’re applying foundation, cream contour, or cream blush, pat it along the skin, pressing lightly.

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